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The first question my clients ask is what to wear for their headshot. Your clothing choice is essential for a professional headshot. I have some tips that will make deciding what to wear easy and help you ensure that you look your very best.

🦺 Wear what’s appropriate to the task you perform in your job. This gentleman is a site supervisor for a construction company. He should wear a hard hat and orange safety vest to project the image of his role at the company in their proposals.

His photo is a virtual headshot. He didn’t leave his home in California while I was at my computer in Arizona. Virtual is a good option for remote workers located anywhere in the world.

🤠 When choosing what to wear for your professional headshots, avoid complex patterns like broad stripes or checks. Vertical lines can have a slimming effect but should be minimal.

It’s best to opt for solid colors whenever possible. Solids will give the headshot a more classic look and be more visually pleasing several years from now when styles and trends have changed.

😊 For men, a suit or blazer with a classic tie works well for a corporate look. Nothing too trendy is a good choice.

The rules for women are similar. A classic business suit or simple sweater or blouse are great options. Dangling earrings are usually not a good accessory!

Women and men can choose a casual look that fits their business and personal preferences. Make sure anything you wear is clean and ironed.

The bottom line is to wear what makes you feel good because only some of these suggestions work if you are uncomfortable. Linda