Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about virtual and on-location photoshoots. For additional questions not addressed below, please contact me at [email protected]

How dependent is quality of a virtual photo on the client's device?

Quality is studio level and device-independent.

The iPhone should be an eight or higher, although clients have used sevens and were equal to more recent models.

So far, all Android devices have provided excellent quality as well.

Do you provide printed artwork?

Generally, virtual photos aren’t usually used for print purposes. However, I provide print for on-location and of course, if a client asks for a virtual print products for headshots or virtual branding, I can do it.

Print products are almost always part of on-location photoshoots.

What is the delivery/turnaround time?

Virtual headshots are turned around in one hour, including editing if necessary.

Virtual and on-location personal branding shoots take a few days due to working with the client for the photo selection, then I edit and place the print order. Delivery depends on what is purchased and where I source it.

Do clients pay in advance?

On-location photography typically requires 50% of the photoshoot fee, with the balance upon delivery of the final photos. Most likely, on-location will include print products which will require a deposit depending on which products are selected.

Single virtual headshots require the fee paid when the appointment is booked.

Corporate clients who have contracted for multiple team members will pay a percentage of the total project to start. Additional payments are made when they have depleted the initial deposit.

Is there a strategy for virtual photoshoots for a non-tech person?

My clients who have had virtual photoshoots for headshots and branding are always amazed at how easy and fun it is. There are many testimonials on this website as well at Google.

“The headshot was easy to set up, simple and relaxing. Especially being able to set up in my own house. Everything fell into place. It took less than 35 minutes once we set up.” Matt Elston, California

Are there different choices of backdrops?

Live photoshoots have options, including the location’s environment, staged setting, and studio backdrops.

Backgrounds for virtual and on-location can always be substituted in photoshop to meet the corporate brand.

Substituted backgrounds are professional. They are not like what one might see in a Zoom meeting.

Do you offer strictly corporate photography?

Not at all. I work with families, magazine publishers and have made boudoir photoshoots available as well.

Please note I do NOT photograph events.

Do you offer photoshoots with pets?

I have done them in the past and am starting that practice again now that I will do on-location photoshoots.