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Remote Photography

Remote photography is a revolutionary photography trend suitable for multi-location international companies with teams and partners worldwide. Linda Kazares Photography is proud to be among the top remote photographer trendsetters adopting this new technology.

If you’re an international brand with remote workers, this new technology perfectly suits your branding strategy. Remote photography can work for businesses in any industry including – financial, legal, medical and consultancies. For the last 14 months, I’ve refined my company’s systems to deliver exceptional photographs. I have the expertise and technology as a leading remote photographer to deliver the captivating images you need – whether for your corporate branding and headshots or personal use – all from the comfort and convenience of your home or location.

The Remote Experience

A remote experience lets clients feel comfortable and safe in their own surroundings.

A professional photographer coaches them via the internet for the best poses, and best lighting and most effective setting.

Once that’s all set the photographer snaps the shutter remotely.

​​Photos taken during a remote photoshoot are actual live mobile camera shots in the client’s own environment.

The photos are NOT screenshots or fake backdrops.

The photoshoot is conducted in real-time anywhere in the world.

It is managed by the photographer who guides poses, angles, and lighting then snaps the shutter.

The process includes pre-shoot preparation to set the client’s iPhone OR android ready for the shoot.

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