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Remote Photography

Visual arts have been a lifelong journey. Of all the arts, photography is what captured my heart.

After 25 years in high-tech consulting, I turned my career to photography.

As a photographer, 2020 was a challenge. I put down my cameras and created a safe, effective remote virtual alternative that mirrors a studio shoot.

The new normal has created a new normal for many business functions. Remote headshot photoshoots are viable options for multi-location, particularly with remote team members. It reduces travel and offers the same quality as a studio shoot for many business needs.

Today I’m excited about the opportunities to provide on-location and remote, world-class, unique and engaging portraits that offer flexible options for my clients.

My work is successful when it aligns with my client’s personal and business needs.


Linda Kazares


Linda Kazares

What Clients Say

It’s easy for me to say it…my clients say it better!