When taking photos, you want everything to look perfect, including your hands. But sometimes, it can be tricky to get them just right.
Here are a few tips to ensure your hands look relaxed and natural in your photos.
🪠 First, ensure that your digits are clean unless there’s a reason for being dirty!
🫶🏼 Make sure your hands are comfortable. Try not to clench them or make them look stiff. This will help them look more natural in the photo.
~ Another tip is to be mindful of the lighting. If your hands catch too much light, they can look distracting in the photo. A slight adjustment can make all the difference.
👌🏼 Position your hands at a slight angle away from the camera. This will help them look more natural and less posed.
~ And always remember to keep them lightly touching your face for the best effect.
💪🏼 The position of your arms could be a distraction. It’s important to remember the position of your arms.
~ To avoid making them appear larger than they are, it’s recommended to leave a little space between your body and your arms. This will prevent them from increasing their visual volume.
These models are almost impossibly beautiful. It doesn’t take a model to have beautiful hands. Talk to your photographer about how best to show off your hands.
With these tips, you’ll be sure to help your photographer get a great shot. Have fun at your photoshoot! -Linda

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