It’s important to strike a balance between enhancing the image and manipulating it to the point where it looks unnatural.

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of over-photoshopping on occasion.

🙌 However, I’m always grateful to the client who calls me out on it.

The photo was taken in early May via remote photography.

🥰 My lovely client and now friend, Deborah, said:

“Love the pix … but my face looks too perfect.

Too many wrinkles are gone.”

In Deborah’s case, I overdid it.

She is understanding, kind and confident and I thank her for her honesty.

☺️ A client should ALWAYS  be happy with their portraits.

As a photographer, I strive to create beautiful and authentic images that capture the essence of my subject.

Sometimes that means taking a step back and reassessing my editing choices.

Enjoy, Linda