There is magic behind virtual photography. It’s not sleight of hand or breathing fire.

It’s the magic of technology and the internet.

If you have a smartphone, you have magic in your hands.

The first question about remote photography is, what is it?

🤳 Is it a selfie? No

🙈 Is it a screenshot? No

🤖 Do you use a camera to take a picture of the screen? No

😊 Are virtual pictures professional? Absolutely, they are as high-quality as a studio picture.

If you’re wondering how to refresh your headshots or any photography needs without much hassle, I have just the right solution integrating ‘Virtual Headshots.’

As an expert virtual and on-location photographer, I work with clients across the globe to capture their best moments.

Virtual photography is a straightforward tech-based approach to photoshoots where the photographer works with the subject remotely. I have worked with clients as far as Argentina and Japan while seated at my desk in Scottsdale, Arizona.

📷 A virtual photography session works like a standard photoshoot, only you are at your home or office using an iPhone or Android smartphone, and I’m on the other side of my computer. I guide you through every aspect– how to get the right pose, best lighting and background, and will even help you go through your closet to find the best attire for the shoot!

🚀 Virtual photography is especially essential for multi-location international companies with teams and partners across the globe.

Entrepreneurs also benefit from virtual photography—no travel to a studio and posing in your comfortable environment.

I invite you to read more about virtual photography and review the virtual portfolio.

Enjoy! Linda