If you haven’t experienced it yet … most likely you will soon because virtual photography is now a must-have experience in the day of the new normal.

It’s here to stay.

Traditionally, companies that use photography for their branding, marketing, and image have used more traditional avenues to capture these photos …

… which are time-consuming, costly, and inconsistent.

And while it came about as a necessity from the pandemic, it has presented many benefits, especially to companies with multiple locations that need streamlined branding.

Here are the top 5 ways my clients are benefiting from virtual photoshoots

* We’ve been able to save employee productivity by reducing travel time to and from photoshoots.

* No need to manage multiple photographers in various locations; one photographer as the point of contact for management (easy scheduling).

* Brand consistency: photography that meets corporate standards

* Budget management

* New employee remote digital photo onboarding.

Your next question might be … How does this work?

When you’d like to know more about how you can integrate remote virtual photography into your marketing and employee asset portfolio, get in touch with us.