In this behind-the-scenes footage, Linda Kazares is capturing images for the Duenas Eden Family Law photoshoot. Ready to book your corporate shoot? Connect with Linda at:

To help give you a better understanding of what an on-location photo shoot looks like with Linda Kazares Photography, these clips from the Duenas Eden Family Law photo shoot will give you a sneak peek into the process and havingfin while oure’ at it.

Watch this video for live action photoshoot 

“Duenas Eden Family Law appreciates Linda’s professionalism all the way through the process, from start to finish. From leading with emails to help manage client expectations, to providing advice on prep before the day of the shoot, Linda wants you to look and feel your best so that you are at ease in front of the camera and you enjoy your experience.

During the photoshoot, Linda will assist with posing and minor physical fixes to make sure the image captured is an image you are happy with. Linda likes to have fun on-set and balances her professionalism with keeping clients smiling and candid in front of the camera.” D. Eden


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Virtual photography is a revolutionary trend suitable for multi-location international companies with global teams and partners. Linda Kazares Photography is proud to be among the top virtual photographer trendsetters adopting this new technology.

If you’re an international brand with remote workers, this new technology perfectly suits your branding strategy. Virtual photography can work for businesses in any industry, including – financial, legal, medical and consultancies.

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