People often ask me what a Virtual Impact Photography session is and why and how it works when the client is in Argentina, for instance, and I’m in my office in Scottsdale.


* It saves remote employee productivity by reducing time invested in travel for photography.

* Provides one point of contact no matter where the employees are located.

* One photographer and project manager – scheduling, photographing, editing.

* Maintain photos of employees who are located remotely.

* Budget management.

* Corporate consistency.

* New employee remote digital photo onboarding.

How I do a Virtual Impact Photography (VIP) session?

It’s hard to visualize this new process, so I put together a few slides from a recent photoshoot of my client in New Mexico, and I am in my office conducting the session. Enjoy this little video and share your thoughts about this technique and opportunity for you or someone you know in need of headshots or branding without leaving the safety of their home or protected location.

What is a VIP Experience?

VIP is a remote photography and coaching service that mirrors a professional studio photoshoot experience for headshots and personal branding.

What is the process for a VIP photo session?

A VIP experience lets clients feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings. At the same time, a professional photographer coaches them from afar for the best poses, best lighting and most effective setting before the photographer snaps the shutter remotely.

Photos taken during a virtual photoshoot are actual live mobile camera shots in the client’s environment, NOT screenshots or fake backdrops.

The photoshoot is conducted in real-time anywhere in the world. It is managed by the photographer who guides poses, angles and lighting and then snaps the shutter.

The process includes pre-shoot preparation, smartphone setup, the photoshoot, realtime photo review and selection, digital refining, and final delivery of license-free digital files that the client may use freely for online use.

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