How did you feel that last time you posted a new professional headshot? I’m guessing pretty good.

I’ve noticed on social media that when a client posts a new headshot, comments like these start to explode.

  • Love it
  • Gorgeous
  • Wow
  • You’re so pretty
  • Very professional…
  • You look younger than ever
  • Fabulous as always, only more so…
  • Awesome
  • So handsome. Keep up the excellent work.
  • You’re looking good…
  • Who took that photo? I want to look like you.

When I read the comments and see clients’ social media likes, it’s an endorphin rush.

There are so many reasons why you’ll want to update your headshot.

  • It will attract new viewers. Have you ever bought a book twice because the publisher changed the cover? You get the idea.
  • An updated headshot will keep you in front of clients and prospects, so you’re top of mind when they need you, your services or products.
  • A current headshot contributes to your authenticity. When I meet someone whose photo is so different from who they are in person, it makes me think they may not be a trusted resource.

How long has it been since you posted a new headshot? Maybe time for a new photo of you!

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