The first question my clients ask is what to wear for their headshot? Your clothing choice is essential for a professional headshot. That doesn’t mean that picking clothing is easy, though! I have some tips that will make deciding what to wear easy and help you ensure that you look your very best.

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🤠 When choosing what to wear for your professional headshots, it’s best to avoid complex patterns like stripes or checks. Horizontal lines can be challenging to look at in a photo and mixing patterns can make the image feel busy. Vertical lines can have a slimming effect but should be minimal.

It’s best to opt for solid colors whenever possible. Solids will not only give the headshot a more classic look but will be more visually pleasing several years from now when styles and trends have changed.

😊 For men, choosing what to wear is often pretty simple. A business suit is almost always a good choice for a corporate headshot. If you want a more casual look, you can forgo the blazer and wear a white shirt with a tie. For blazers, solid gray or navy are good choices for timeless portraits.

You don’t want to choose clothing (or a hairstyle) that is too trendy as it can date the photograph. If you are wearing a tie, choose something classic. If you like, a simple pattern or bright color, but avoid anything too over the top.

Selecting the proper clothing can feel more complicated for women, but the rules are the same. A classic business suit or simple blouse and skirt or pants are great options. Again, don’t wear anything too trendy or a busy pattern. It’s best to choose something with a fall or winter look rather than a summer style.

🥳️ An essential wardrobe tip I have to offer is to wear something that you like. Something that makes you feel good. The confidence that comes from knowing that you look good and a warm smile will result in an image that you love and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Headshots are supposed to convey that you are a confident and polished professional so take the time to choose clothes that give that message. Have fun creating your headshot brand from clothing to smiles.

😉 Of course, the right photographer helps too!