At first, I thought money was the issue that stops professionals from having a headshot.

Never has been.

So what is it then?

95% of the time, it boils down to not wanting to see themselves as they think they look.

When I took the photo, you see below, it made me feel uncomfortable.

Saggy. Wrinkled. Blotches. Tired. Yaddy, Yaddy, Yadda!

I love having my picture taken.

Always have.

I was still apprehensive about showing the unedited me.

What the heck, I posted it here anyway.


The 3 versions of the same photo show how adjustments can be subtle or extreme.

  1. Adjustments to exposure and saturation.
  2. Portrait adjustments including skin and wrinkle smoothing, darken eyes, whiten teeth, remove some spots.
  3. Photoshopping gone wild.

Personally, I will always go with #2 for me.

It makes me feel good without changing my personality.

One gentleman asked me to make him look like Brad Pitt.

I told him that face is already taken.

He was delighted when we finished with just the right amount of editing.


My 3 suggestions for dousing the fear of a headshot.

  1. Hire a professional whose work you like.
  2. Collaborate with that photographer to develop the image you have of yourself and want others to see.
  3. Get it done and out of the way so you can stop thinking about it.

Douse those fears and get a headshot representing who you are to prospects, clients, employers and yourself.

Enjoy your headshot experience.

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