As a ‘visual,’ my world consists primarily of all the things I see, so photography is my perfect creative outlet.

New perspectives and challenges add so much to keeping me interested and creative for my clients and me.

You may be thinking – I’m not a photographer, why would I want to take a photo-a-day? A few come to mind…

🤡 Fun is an excellent reason to start.

🥳️ Others may find it gives them a fresh perspective of their surroundings.

🤠 Another person may realize it has an impact on what they do for a living.

With the capabilities of a mobile phone camera that almost all of us carry in our pockets daily, taking photos has become ubiquitous in our daily routine.

Here’s my challenge to you, check out this list of daily photo ideas and pick a few that would be fun for you or do them all.

Send me a couple of your favorites. I’ll publish them in a future Tip Tuesday. You could also post them on Instagram with the tag #TipTuesdayChallenge.