When you do a selfie or group photo with a tripod or selfie stick, did you know there’s a right and wrong way to set up your phone?

I learned this while working with my virtual photography clients.

My client would struggle to look at the sample photos because they had covered the camera screen with the tripod brace. To view, they’d take the phone off the tripod.

If we needed to take more pictures, the tripod and phone would have to be reset in the exact location, straightened, and yaddy yaddy.

It was frustrating for the client as well as the photographer.

The ‘right’ way eliminates the problems described and accomplishes the same goal. It makes it easy to look at the photos without dismantling the setup.

The picture in this email demonstrates the simple way to make the right choices when setting up your camera on a tripod. Of course, you don’t have to rotate the phone if you want a horizontal photo for groups or a great background on the selfie.

Easy peasy! The brace goes on the lens side. That means the screen side is always ready to be viewed.

Have fun with your summer selfies. Avoid the lines at the airport and click away.