During a recent Zoom, attendees asked several questions about my virtual and live photography that you may also have, so I will include them this month.

It was beneficial to the Zoom participants. Perhaps they will be for you as well.

📷 1. How dependent is quality on the client’s device during a virtual photoshoot?

The quality has been excellent and equal to a studio shoot.

The iPhone should be an eight or higher, although clients have used sevens and are equal to more recent models.

Androids are fine regardless of version. The program does not work with Pixel phones.

2. Who is your typical client?

I have three:

Corporate multi-location companies engage in my virtual and volume headshot services.

Individual virtual or on-location business and personal entrepreneurs for headshots and branding.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Families and I have also made boudoir photoshoots available.

I do NOT do weddings or business events. I will do family reunions.

3. What is the delivery time?

Virtual headshots are turned around in one hour, including editing if necessary.

Virtual and on-location personal branding shoots can take a few days due to working with the client for selection, then I edit and place the print order. Delivery depends on what is purchased and where I source it.

4. Do clients pay in advance?

Yes, for virtual headshots and branding.

A 50% deposit of an on-location branding photoshoot made at the time of agreement. Payment for the photoshoot balance is made on the day of the shoot. Products are paid upon delivery.

🤗 5. Is there a strategy for a non-tech person during a virtual photoshoot?

I’ll let my client say it for me.

“Linda is wonderful at bringing out the best in her sitters. I had such fun with her and she was absolutely able to capture the warm side of my personality in a way no other photographer has. I love working remotely with Linda. Her instructions were perfectly clear and easy to follow. Working remotely saved an enormous amount of time plus I loved being in the comfort of my own home.” Pat Beck

6. Are there different choices of backdrops?

🌹 An environmental setting as the background is part of live on-location photoshoots.

All the photo backgrounds in this email were replaced, including mine. You can see the consistency in the backgrounds used for the two clients.

That option is very important to corporations in particular that want consistent branding across their organization.

They are not zoom-like. They’re professional and the final quality is as if they are taken in a studio.

You can get a better idea of background swaps in this video. Even on-location backgrounds for volume headshots can be replaced.

🥳️ 7. Do I do photoshoots with pets?

I have done them and am starting that practice again now that I do on-location.

8. Do I provide printed artwork?

Generally, virtual headshot photos aren’t typically used for print purposes. Of course, if a client asks for print products for headshots or branding, I will do it.

On-location family, pet and group portraits are delivered in print with digital options.

Enjoy your day. Let me know if this was helpful and if there are other topics you’d like to see me write about or a YouTube topic. Linda