Do you want to look like you dropped 10 pounds in your pictures? Women or men, very few of us want to look bad or ugly in an image.

We want to look GOOD! So, here’s the ‘big’ tip… Tilt ‘n Goose.

TnG is still great advice if you’re sitting there saying you don’t want to drop 10 pounds.

1. The Good: Tilt approximately 10 degrees forward from your waist (not hips), ‘Goose’ your head straight ahead about 2-3 inches. Keep your face, jaw and neck relaxed. Drop your shoulders, too, and your neck will look longer.

Let me qualify this tip. It will feel uncomfortable, a little silly and unrealistic that something so simple will make you look good. Zap – 10 pounds gone.

2. The Bad: Stand straight up, and lift your chin as if observing a blood moon. The only thing you’ll accomplish with this pose is sharing a view inside your nose.

3. The Ugly: Bend back, and drop your head forward. First, the sensation of falling backward will frighten you. If you don’t already have a double chin, you will now. Just not a good pose.

Whew, this illustration looks very different than it did in my brain. Hopefully, you get the picture.

The best advice I have is to have fun. You’ll get better at this as you practice.

PS This advice also works great for a double chin.