🤳Digital and mobile photography have made it easy to overlook ways to share your best memories.

We can always hunt and peck our way through the 5000+ photos on a smartphone to show off the first time your new puppy obeyed a ‘sit’ command or the before and after shots of the latest Botox treatment. 😍

We often overlook having that one memory you never want to forget and have it there when you walk into a room where it’s beautifully displayed and hung in a place of honor.

🕰 How do you show off your special memory from a moment in time?

👩‍🎨 We have three digital frames in our house, several canvases and tabletop albums. That might be overkill for many, but I like remembering the best times I’ve spent with family and clients as a photographer.

Whichever way you go, make your life event into something that captures the moment in time that is special to you.

Following is a list of ideas for print and resources for digital display companies:

🖼 Print: I love print. It is beautiful to have one best memory that greets you every time you walk into a room where you have it displayed.

There are many print options; the most common are ~ canvas, paper, acrylic blocks, collages and albums.

I love them all and have used them all, depending on the client’s style.

Check with your photographer, who can source and have your wall portraits printed through professional labs.

Your photographer will make sure the photo enhanced to become a beautiful memory, handle the printing, check the quality and deliver it to you.


Tip Tuesday Archive

📲 Digital: Meural – large beautiful displays, wall-mounted, wifi connected. PhotoSpring – excellent resolution, tabletop, wifi connected. Ceiva – was one of the first products on the market. IPad – if you want for any particular reason to display photos and don’t have one of the other options, you can turn it into a digital display. TV – Several options too numerous to mention here. Enjoy the process, Linda